Special Events

Givaudan Karrer Lectureships

The Givaudan/Karrer Lecture series was established in 2005. Each year, a distinguished Givaudan Karrer Visiting Professor visits the University of Zurich for a period of two weeks to three months, and presents a short special topics course to the graduate students as well as a research lecture at Givaudan. The medals awarded in association with this professorship are provided by the Swiss Chemical Society out of the archive of medals cast in 1937, on the occasion of Karrer's Nobel Prize.

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Paul Karrer Lecture

Paul Karrer Medal

The Foundation for the Paul Karrer Lecture invites, either annually or biannually, an outstanding researcher in the field of chemistry to present a scientific lecture at the University of Zurich. The presentation of the Paul Karrer Gold Medal is carried out in conjunction with this lecture.

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Dorothy Crowfood Hodgkin Symposium

The DCH Symposium welcomes researchers from all branches of science, coming together to hear technical keynote scientific presentations and to join a graduate student poster session.

The Symposium takes place  in October each year.

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Summer Schools


The Doktorandentag of the Department of Chemistry is an internal annual event that gives PhD students the opportunity to present their research work.

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This multidisciplinary academic event was especially designed for postdoctoral researchers in Life Sciences to communicate their projects outside their institutes and increase their visibility.

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