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The X-ray File Server


This service is currently unavailable.

To obtain copies of the report, diagrams, CIF and other files for any X-ray crystal structure determination, please contact the person who determined that structure for you.


Help, hints and other information

  • Read Me First!
  • Information about where to find the X-ray Crystallography Facility's Web pages
  • Common Bond Lengths
  • Common bond lengths for various organic functional groups
  • Cambridge Database Info
  • How to get started with searching the Cambridge Structural Database
  • Crystal Growth Methods
  • Suggestions on how to grow better crystals
  • Crystal Growth More Ideas
  • More suggestions on how to grow crystals. Useful tips for really difficult cases
  • Demo_X-ray_Exptl.doc
  • An example of how to incorporate the experimental details for an X-ray crystal structure determination into a publication.
  • X-ray Request Form
  • Request form for a structure analysis


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