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Submitting your sample for an X-ray diffraction analysis


Where possible, samples should be provided in a dry and loose form in a small vial. Drying crystals under vacuum should be avoided. If solvent loss or crystal decomposition appears to be a problem, the sample may be provided damp or in mother liquor.

Click here for information on crystal growth and sample preparation.

The sample submission and analysis procedure is as follows:

  1. Bring or send the sample to the X-ray Crystallography Laboratory (12-E-25, Tel: 044 635 42 28).

  2. The sample will be examined for suitablility under the microscope.

  3. Fill out a Request Form with the required information. External clients should use a different form.

  4. The data collection will be commenced as soon as possible according to the number of preceding samples in the queue and the relative priority of the work. The duration of the data collection is usually 4-24 hours, depending on the crystal quality and the requirements of the experiment.

  5. The structure solution and refinement, generation of the report and tables, and the preparation of the diagram follows and usually requires 1-2 days, although complicated structures with large molecules or disorder can require considerably more time.

  6. The report, diagrams and any remaining crystals will be delivered to the client.

When filling out the Request Form, the following information is useful:

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