This symposium will focus on advancements made in theoretical and computational chemistry for the understanding of structure, mechanism and dynamics of molecules in gas and condensed phase. Particular emphasis will be given to modeling reactive processes in the gas phase as well as condensed phase, with applications in specialized materials, surface chemistry, molecular recognition and chemical dynamics, using a variety of methodology from traditional methods to advancements made in hybrid methods. This workshop will orient the future directions of the field while paying tribute to the major accomplishments of the past decades.

In addition, this symposium will provide the opportunity to recognize Professor Mark S. Gordon's contributions to the field, and to celebrate his 65th birthday. The theoretical chemistry community is proud to honor an outstanding theoretician on the occasion of his 65th birthday. His fame extends National and International borders, and traverses several disciplines of research. This symposium will feature many of the scientists that have trained under Mark as well as collaborators and friends, each giving a snapshot of the wide diversity of research space that the community covers.

Please visit the Photo Gallery from the Symposium. http://www.flickr.com/photos/msg_symposium/

The event will take place at the Maui Prince Hotel, in Hawaii, from January 15-18, 2007.
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Theoretical Chemistry Accounts Festschrift for Mark Gordon
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MSG-65 Committee:

Kim Baldridge, 1988 PhD
Mike Schmidt, 1982 Post-Doc
Jerry Boatz, 1989 PhD
Tom Holme, 1982-4 Undergraduate
Theresa Windus, 1993 PhD
Tom Cundari, 1990 Post-Doc
Nikita Matsunaga, 1995 PhD

University of Zurich Institute of Organic Chemistry

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