WELCOME to the 15th Annual Doktorandentag 2018 Website

Schedule for Tuesday July 3rd, 2018

The registration, poster sessions, group photo and coffee breaks take place in Lichthof Nord (UZH Zentrum)
All the talks take place in the room KOL-F-104 (UZH Zentrum)
The BBQ will take place at the Irchel Campus, Medizinerhof

08:15 Registration, Poster Setup and Welcome Coffee
08:55 Opening remarks
09:00 Rajiv Prabhakar Photocorrosion-resistant Sb2Se3 Photocathodes with Earth Abundant MoSx<\sub> Hydrogen Evolution Catalyst
09:15 Matthias Schuster Solution NMR Studies of a Thermostabilized α1b Adrenergic Receptor (GPCR)
09:30 Marco Etter Design, Synthesis and Application of Lipidic Mesophases for in Vitro Assays
09:45 Xiaotian Zhang Robust Superhydrophobic Photocatalytic Antifouling TiO2-silicone Nanofilaments Composite Material
10:00Poster Session and Coffe Break
11:10 Dr.Werner Bonrath, DSM Is Catalysis Enough for Successful Process Research and Development?
11:50 Mathias Mosberger Artificial Photosynthesis: Immobilization Strategy on Metal Oxides
12:05 Irina Markova Probing the NMR Solution Structure of the CPEB3 Ribozyme
12:20CMSZH Travel Awards
12:30Lunch Break
13:40Group Photo
13:50 David Bruchlen, Science Me Up A Link Between Academic and Entrepreneurial Intelligence
14:30 Aymeric Dolbois Design and Synthesis of Highly Potent and Upmost Selective Acetylbenzenes as CREBBP Ligands: Towards Chemical Probes
14:45 Wei Cui Operando Deconvolution of Photovoltaic and Electrocatalytic Performance in ALD TiO2 Protected Water Splitting Photocathodes
15:00Coffe Break
15:20 Andrea Meier Semisynthetic Derivatives of Glycosylated Antibiotics
15:35 Laurens Kooijman Approaching the Limit: Using NMR Spectroscopy to Analyse Bacteriorhodop sin
15:50 Johann Mattiat Spectroscopy, Theoretically
16:05Student Representative Election (students only)
with Awards in the half time break followed by the BBQ at Campus Irchel

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