Welcome to the Intranet of the Department of Chemistry

How to access the Intranet

The Intranet of the Department of Chemistry is only accessible for members of the Department of Chemistry.
Befor you can log in, you need to register. Please contat Irène Studer for registration,  indicating your UZH shortname.
For Log in you use your UZH shortname and the corresponding passwort.

Room Booking Chemistry Department

The new room booking is available now. The old room booking tool is not updated anymore and therefore had to be removed.

Here you can see the bookings of the corresponding rooms:

If you want to book a room for teaching purposes, contact Sabine Stockhause. For all other reservations contact the personal assistants Ramona Erni or Fabienne Stutz.

CHEM IT Connet

Website ATP Chemistry


Here you can login to the ATP Chemsitry website. In case it does not work, please contact Irène Studer.

Login with your UZH-shortname and the corresponding password