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Department of Chemistry

IChO2023 Reunion Event

After a lot of hard work and your challenging exams, treat yourself at the Reunion Event at the University of Zurich on Friday 21 July.
Meet up with your mentors again, enjoy some traditional Swiss music and not so traditional food, visit our chemistry labs and get inspired by the demonstrations of our UZH research groups.

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Eleven of our groups open their lab for you on 21 July. Have a look at our state of the art facilities at UZH.

Most groups from UZH Chemistry will show you what solutions they are trying to find in their research with demonstrations on the central gallery.

Welcome to UZH

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Support and Sponsoring

Thank you for your generous support:

Stiftung Pro Humanitate
the cogito foundation
UZH Alumni
International Chemistry Olympiad 2023
UZH Faculty of Science



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