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Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Fair - IChO2023 Reunion Event

Around the central gallery, our research groups present their booths on the following topics:

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1 | Molecular architecture

Molecular architecture by using C-H activation and directional ionic bonds

This group also offers a lab tour of an organic synthesis lab equipped with a glovebox Tour Br

2 | Chemical Conflicts of Interest

Is it possible to design chemicals that are functional but also degradable in the environment? We will show you the tools we are developing for that purpose.

3 | The Art of Metal Coordination

Join us as we unravel the secrets of color modulation and spectroscopy, shedding light on the intriguing transformations that occur when metal ions coordinate to ligands.

4 | Peptides in flow

As opposed to flasks and stir bars, we use tubing and pumps (flow chemistry) to synthesize peptides and proteins.

5 | Medicinal Radiochemistry

Our research centres on the chemical synthesis, radiochemistry, preclinical development and clinical translation of metal-based radiopharmaceuticals for therapy of and diagnostics in cancer and other human diseases.

6 | Computational Chemistry: The Virtual Lab

Exploring chemical space and reactivity using computer simulations.

7 | Evolving enzymes beyond nature

Enzymes are nature's catalytic machines, but can we evolve enzymes with new-to-nature features? Explore how we use chemistry and molecular biology to study and engineer new enzymes.

This group also offers a lab tour on the study and engineer on enzymes Tour Db

8 | A computational laboratory for chemistry

We study and design chemical systems using forefront computational methods ranging from ab initio methods to machine learning.

9 | Molecular Kitchen

Molecular Kitchen: mixing science and cuisine

10 | A Tale of a MxOy

The story of metal oxides from ideas to applications as water oxidation catalysts and active anti-cancer agents. Told through a dynamic timeline and common scientific tools used to unlock their remarkable potential.

11 | Illuminating the chemistry of life

Light can come from various sources and is used to investigate what happens inside our cells.

This group also offers a lab tour on the topic Tour Eu

12 | Chemistry from the sky

We want to know why plants are different, where it matters for ecology and for people. Phytochemicals play essential roles in ecology and human health. Come learn how we use remote sensing to map plant chemistry in space and to relate it to consequences for ecosystems, and also to the genetic variation underlying these differences.

This group also offers a lab tour to showcase high throughput and portable approaches for chemical ecology and spatial genetics Tour Fe

13 | RNA - more than just a Covid vaccine

Quizzing RNA to understand life with three different methods.

This group also offers a lab tour on chemistry of catalytic and regulatory RNAs Tour He

14 | Shine a light - molecular switches for future electronics

Can you store information in a single molecule? Can you use light to do that? Visit our booth and we will show you how :-)

15 | Exciting chemistry with light

The chemistry of light - have a look at how light is used to control and manipulate processes in living organisms.