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Department of Chemistry Roger Alberto

Prof. Dr. Roger Alberto

Studies in Chemistry at the ETH Zürich, PhD on fluoro complexes of technetium 1988. Alexander von Humboldt fellow at the TU Munich with Prof. W.A. Herrmann and at Los Alamos National Laboratory with Prof. A. Sattelberger, high-valent 99Tc complexes. 1991-1998 senior researcher at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in radiopharmacy with Prof. P.A. Schubiger. 1999 Professor at the University of Zurich (Extraordinarius) 2005 Full Professor (Ordinarius). Guest professorships at the NU Singapore with Prof. Andy Hor and at the Ecole National Supérieur de Chimie in Paris with Prof. G. Jaouen. 2006-2012 Head of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and 2013-2016 Director of the Department of Chemistry. Since 2013 also head of the University Research Priority Project “Light to Chemical Energy Conversion LightChEC”. Award for Excellence in Bioorganometallic Chemistry 2006 and Alexander von Humboldt Research Award 2017. Passionate collector of chemical elements and all kind of antique books. Rather having a glass of good wine and a good chat than jogging through the streets.


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