Koushik Venkatesan

Our research group is broadly focused on organic and organometallic materials chemistry. The central theme of our research involves the rational design and creation of novel molecular and macromolecular structures for light emitting devices (energy to light conversion), solar cells (light to energy conversion) and molecular electronic applications.

Our current goals involve investigations into achieving highly stable and luminescent triplet phosphors based on organometallic complexes by creation of new metal-ligand interactions. In the field of molecular electronics, we pursue different functionalization strategies on azulenes to tailor their electronic properties to achieve single molecular memory devices and also n and p-type materials. We also aim to employ new approaches to modulate metal-ligand cooperativity for the development of novel homogeneous catalysts for accomplishing precise synthesis of new electronic polymers.

Our group is exposed to a broad range of topics including synthetic chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry and photochemistry.

The following topics are currently under investigation:

  • Organic and Organometallic Materials Chemistry
  • Organometallic light emitting molecules
  • Electronic materials and molecular electronics
  • Catalyst design and development