Dr. Fabian O. von Rohr

Dr. Fabian O. von Rohr obtained his BSc and MSc (mit Auszeichnung) in chemistry and physics at ETH Zürich. He carried out his Master’s thesis at Princeton University, and received his PhD (Dr. sc. nat.) at the University of Zurich from the Physics Institute for the work he accomplished with Prof. Andreas Schilling, in collaboration with Prof. Reinhard Nesper at ETH Zürich. His PhD thesis was awarded the Mercator Award 2014 and was chosen as one of the best PhD thesis at the University of Zurich. During his postdoctoral research time, he joined the laboratories of Prof. Wolfgang Schnick at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München and Prof. Robert J. Cava at Princeton University. He joined the Department of Chemistry in 2017 as a SNSF Ambizione fellow and group leader. His research group is targeting the discovery and understanding of novel quantum materials that exhibit exotic physical properties by using state-of-the-art synthesis and characterization methods. This research requires expertise in various experimental techniques, as well as a deep understanding of both chemical and physical concepts of material science. Most recently, Fabian von Rohr received the 2019 Ernst Göhner Fellowship awarded by the Fonds zur Förderung des akademischen Nachwuchs (FAN).