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Department of Chemistry

High-Throughput Experimentation Laboratory

Welcome to the future HTEL


Would you want to rapidly synthesise a broad catalyst library? Would you like to perform a simultaneous multi-parameter reaction optimisation? Or are you interested in acquisition of high-quality experimental data for a machine learning project? Then stay tuned, as UZH's new HTEL will host a state of the art robotic platform that is designed to accelerate and facilitate chemical research in many different ways. Capabilities will involve automated solid and liquid dispensing: parallel reactions under inert atmosphere, photochemical reactions using different wavelengths, reactions using reactive gases under pressure, and parallelised workflows for dilution, filtration, extraction, evaporation. Rapid analysis will be implemented as UHPLC/MS.

For now, the facility is still under construction - find regular updates here. Current status: Evaluation of offers for robotic systems.

Weiterführende Informationen

Contact and further Information


Dr. Johannes Schörgenhumer
Senior Scientist - HTE Lab
Room: Y38 J 22
Phone: +41 44 63 53959
E-Mail: Johannes Schörgenhumer