How to apply

COST guideline: The Management Committee (MC) of the Action is responsible for the selection of the applicant. The applicant should normally be engaged in a research program as a postgraduate student or postdoctoral fellow or be employed in an institution of a COST country having accepted the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the Action. This institution shall be actively participating in the COST Action. For the period of the STSM neither the MC of the Action, the COST Office nor the grant holder may be considered as the employer and grantees must make their own arrangements for all health, social, personal security and pension matters. The applicant is responsible for obtaining the agreement of the host institution, before submitting his/her application.

Application and Registration for a STSM

Step 1:
First, the applicant has to fill in the on-line registration for a STSM here: STSM Application
Step 2:
Secondly, please complete a short summary document: Registration Summary STSM
Step 3:
The applicant has to send in total two files electronically to stsm(at) Note: Applications composed of more than these two pdf-files will not be considered.
  • File 1 contains the completed Registration Summary STSM file (original document, no re-scaned version, print as pdf-file).
  • File 2 contains the following documents combined in a single pdf:
    • formal STSM application
    • short curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages; optional list of publications, posters, ect.)
    • proposed work plan (2 pages; including summary, background, detailed work plan, time plan)
    • detailed budget plan (travel by train/plain ~price, accommodation Hostel/Hotel ~price per night, explanation for further costs!)
    • motivation letter (why do you choose this particular working group?)
    • and a confirmation letter of the home & the host institution. (signatures essential!)
Step 4:
The application will be intially checked and if all documents are OK, the application is evaluated by the STSM Coordinator as well as by members from the steering committee and the group of WG coordinators. After a positive evaluation, the Grant Holder will be informed accordingly.
Step 5:
If approved, the applicant will receive an acceptance letter with the formal approval of the STSM and the level of financing. The applicant has to return this acceptance letter to the COST Office, after accepting the grant with his signature.

After the STSM

Step 6:
After completion of the STSM the grantee is required to submit a short scientific report (1 File) on the visit '''within 4 weeks''' after his/her stay to stsm(at) It must contain the following information ('''max. 4 pages'''): Please, use the following template: Final Report Template
  • purpose of the STSM
  • description of the work and the main results carried out during the STSM
  • future collaboration with the host institution or foreseen publications/results from the STSM (if applicable)
  • a personal feedback about the STSM
  • confirmation of the host institution of the successful execution of the STSM (signature of the supervisor essential!)
Step 7:
The STSM Coordinator is responsible for approving the final report and sending the approval to the Grant Holder. Only then, the grant will be paid.
Step 8:
The Grant Holder will execute the payment directly to the grantee or the organizing institute.