Compulsory modules Short ECTS Type Assess FS/SS
Master's Thesis CHE420 45 P WW FS/SS
Master's Exam CHE421 10 oral examination FS/SS
Compulsory elective modules Short ECTS Type Assess FS/SS
Organometallic Chemistry in Modern Synthesis CHE430 5 L+E WE FS
Research Design and Methods in (Bio)Inorganic Chemistry CHE431 5 L+E WE FS
Symmetry and Spectroscopy CHE432 5 L+E WE SS
Photochemistry and Femtochemistry CHE433 5 L+E WE SS
Chemical Biology CHE434 4 L+E WE FS
Medicinal Chemistry CHE435 5 L+E WE FS
Complex Molecule Assembly CHE436 5 L+E WE FS
Surface and Interface Science CHE437 5 L+E WE FS
Radiochemistry, Basics and Applications of Radionuclides CHE438 5 L+E WE SS
Advanced NMR Methods for Identification of Natural Products CHE439 3 L+E WE SS
Structure Elucidation with Combined Spectroscopic Methods CHE440 3 L+E WE SS
Introduction to Molecular Design and Synthesis MDS101 4 L+E WE SS
Protein Biophysics BCH304 6 L+E WME SS
Elective Modules Short ECTS Type Assess FS/SS
From the entire range of chemistry/biochemistry, especially the special lectures (see also in the VVZ)   10      
From the entire range of UZH and ETH 10
ECTS European Credit Transfer System
FS Fall Semester
SS Spring Semester
L Lecture
V+E Lecture with practical exercises
P Practical Training
Assess Assessment
WME Written module examination (after the lecture periode)
WE Written examination
WW Written work