Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

We are committed to offering students an excellent education in chemistry and chemistry-related areas through our Bachelor (BSc), Masters (MSc) and PhD programs. Unique for Switzerland, we offer in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics, a master program in business chemistry.

Our broad and interdisciplinary research programs mirror very well the enthusiasm felt by all our research groups for their subject areas, and their excitement in carrying scientific discoveries into neighbouring disciplines.

Benedikt Kirchgässler (Chemistry student with a Bachelor of UZH) has won CHF 10'000 in the first round of Venture Kicks. His idea is to make Cyanide visible. The technolgy, which was developed by Felix Zelder and Christine Croise from the Department of Chemistry UZH, allows to detect cyanide in every substance without a lab, dangerous chemicals, prior training and at virtually no cost. Benedikt Kirchgässler is currently developing the first prototype and performing related testing in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Roland K.O. Sigel was promoted as full Professor for Chemistry and in particular for Bioinorganic Chemistry as of February 1st, 2016. We congratulate Roland Sigel!
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Prof. Henning Jessen (till September 2015  Professor at the Department of Chemistry of UZH) recieved the Ruzicka-Preis 2015. The prize is awarded by the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences of ETH Zurich.

The Ružička Prize is awarded annually to a young researcher for an outstanding piece of published work in the field of general chemistry.

Prof. Gilles Gasser just published a VIP article in Angewandte Chemie on

"Highly Charged Ruthenium(II) Polypyridyl Complexes as Lysosome-Localized Photosensitizers for Two-Photon Photodynamic Therapy".

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Prof. Roland K.O. Sigel just published a VIP Paper in Angewandte Chemie on

"Protonation-Dependent Base Flipping at Neutral pH in the Catalytic Triad of a Self-Splicing Bacterial Group II Intron"

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Prof. Madhavi Krishnan just published an article in Natur Nanotechnology on

Information storage and retrieval in a single levitating colloidal particle
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Wasserspalten mit Leidenschaft - Ein Artikel über Greta Patzke und ihre Forschung im TagesAnzeiger link zum Artikel
PostDoc initiative successfully launched the 1st Post-Doc Conference and the PostDoc Club Zurich  >>more
David Tilley, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry has received an SNSF-Assistant-Professr Energy grant.   >>more
Emeritus Professor Dr. Hans-Jürgen Hansen passed away on 28th April 2015. >> more
Henning Jacob Jessen has received an SNF-Professorship. We congratulate Henning!

Gilles Gasser, SNF-Professor at UZH will receive the Alfred Werner Medal in 2015! The prize is awarded by the SCG with the aim to honour outstanding young scientists.

Dr. S. David Tilley was elected as  Assistant Professor with «tenure track» for Molecular Approachs to Renewable Energies. He worked at EPFL since 2009. Since Ocotober 2014 he has his laboratories at the Departement of Chemistry of UZH.

Felix Zelder developed with collegues from Mozambique a new sensing system to indicate if a cassava foodstuff is safe to eat.
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