WELCOME to the 14th Annual Doktorandentag 2017 Website

SCHEDULE, Thursday June 29th, 2017

8:15 Registration and Poster Setup
08:55 Committee Opening remarks
09:00 Roopender Kumar Journey of Cyclometalated Gold(III) Complexes: From AuIII-Fluorides to AuIII-Formates to AuIII-Hydrides
09:20 Rafael Müller In-situ Surface Characterization of Transition Metal Carbodiimide Modified Screen Printed Electrodes for Water Oxidation
09:40 Maria Bespalova Detecting Structure and Conformation of Single DNA and RNA Molecules by Escape-Time Electrometry
10:00 Coffee Break and Poster Session A
11:00 Dr. Markus Heck
Would You Take Your Own Drug? – The Importance of a Regulated Environment in the Pharmaceutical Industry
11:50 Mathieu Szponarski Surface Engineering of Living Cells
12:10 Lunch break
13:50 Group photo
14:00 Dr. Andreas Hafner
From Incremental to Radical Innovation in the Chemical Industry – Chances and Hurdles; A Personal View
14:50 Andrés García-Domínguez Multicomponent Dicarbofunctionalizations of Multiple Bonds
15:10 Student Representative Election (Students only)
15:20 Coffee Break and Poster Session B
16:20 Víctor Samper Barceló New Approach to the Synthesis of N-Containing 5-Membred Ring Heterocycles
16:40 Hiromu Hattori Total Synthesis of Potent Antibiotic Natural Products
17:00 Awards
17:20 CMSZH Ceremony and BBQ

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