WELCOME to the 16th Annual Doktorandentag 2019 Website

Schedule for Thursday July 4th, 2019

The registration, poster sessions and coffee breaks will take place in Lichthof Nord (UZH Zentrum)
All the talks will be held in the room (KOL-F-118) (UZH Zentrum)
The BBQ will take place at the Irchel Campus, Medizinerhof

08:15 Registration, Poster Setup and Welcome Coffee
08:55 Opening remarks
09:00 Christopher Brenig A novel Ni-containing B12 derivative – elucidating the origin of corrinoid and corphinoid cofactor
09:20 Jennifer Lamb Multi-functionalised graphene nanoflakes as tumour-targeted theranostic agents
09:40 Nicola Weder A molecular water reduction catalyst in a heterogeneous system: combining molecular efficiency with surface-stability
10:00Poster Session A and Coffee Break
10:40 Inga Shchelik Caging and controlled release of an antibacterial drug by cell surface functionalization
11:00 Ricardo Fernández-Terán Calibrating a surface-sensitive molecular ruler with 2D ATR-IR spectroscopy
11:20 Paul-David Becker
BSP. Best Sales Practice
Inspiring through leadership
12:20CMSZH Travel Awards
12:30Lunch Break
13:15Coffee at the Lichthof
14:00 Dr. Michal Shoshan Metal-peptide interactions in the service of medicinal chemistry
14:40 Stefano Cucuzza Repetita iuvant (repetition is useful), generating modular binder using designed armadillo repeat proteins (dArmRPs) as molecular scaffolds
15:00Group photo
15:20Poster Session B and Coffee Break
16:00 Anna-Ilaria Przytula-Mally The HDV-like family: crystal structure of the CPEB3 ribozyme
16:20 Anna Bujalska Diels-Alder reactions for modifying nucleic acids
16:40 Noah Naef Lipases on silicone nanofilaments
17:00Student Representative Election
17:10Awards followed by the BBQ at Campus Irchel

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