SNSF Starting Grants

New Founding Scheme by SNSF

The federal government has mandated the SNSF to launch the SNSF Starting Grants. The SNSF Starting Grants  are an integrative call for proposals which, as a transitional measure, covers both the ERC Starting Grants and the existing SNSF funding schemes Eccellenza and PRIMA. For this reason, there will be most probably no separate calls for Eccellenza, PRIMA or the future SNSF Professorial Fellowships in 2024.

We invite applications for SNSF Starting Grants

The University treats SNSF Starting grantes equivalently to Assistant Professors without tenure track, and the Department of Chemistry preselects candidates in an interview round similar to the application process of an Assistant Professorship.

We collect applications (including  an extensive CV and a sketch of your planed research project) typically 3 months before the corresponding deadline of the SNSF Starting Grant.