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Old Chemistry Building of the University of Zürich (Rämistrasse 74/76) as Chemical Landmark 2016

The Old Chemistry Building of the University of Zürich at Rämistrasse 74/76 has been elected as Chemical Landmark 2016 by the Swiss Academy of Science. This recognition highlights historical buildings that have played an important role in the development of chemistry in Switzerland. The Swiss Academy of Science wishes to emphasize with this honor the significance of the University of Zurich in promoting the development of chemical sciences based on the contributions of several generations of chemists who were trained in this building under the guidance of Nobel prize winners Prof. Alfred Werner and Prof. Paul Karrer.

On September 9th, an award ceremony was held at Rämistrasse 74, a building that hosts today the Faculty of Law with its famous Calatrava library. The event was coupled with a presentation by the Sounding Board of the UZI-5 project on the new building for Chemistry to be located at the edge of the Irchel Campus. UZI-5 will host the next generation of chemists and thus this event will serve as link between a brilliant past and a full of promise future for chemistry at UZH.

Die Rämistrasse 74 then.....
The library of the Institute of Law of UZH at Rämistrasse 74 built by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

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Chemical Landmark

In a ceremonial act the old chemistry building of UZH at Rämistrasse 76 was awarded with a Chemical Landmark.

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Chemical Landmarks

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