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Department of Chemistry Stefan Seeger

Prof. Dr. Stefan Seeger

Stefan Seeger studied chemistry at University of Heidelberg and the Technical University Berlin. In 1992, He earned his PhD degree. In 1992 he established at University of Heidelberg a research group for biophysical chemistry. After working as postdoc at the University of Lund/Sweden, he returned in 1994 to University of Heidelberg to finish his habilitation in 1997. Later that year, he was appointed as a professor for Biosensors at University of Regensburg.

In 1999, he accepted an offer of University of Zurich in Switzerland. Since then he holds a chair position for physical chemistry. In 2001, he got the position as the director of the Institute for Physical Chemistry.

Beyond his research in the field of surface science, nanoscopy and nanotechnology Stefan Seeger studied at University of Hagen/Germany and London School of Business and Finance Business Administration; in 2004 he founded a bachelor and master program “Business Chemistry”at University of Zurich, programs teaching high level chemistry and management skills in one program. In this context he is also interested in Business Chemistry research, e.g. the valuation of basic research.

Based on his early research Stefan Seeger founded the spin-off company Molecular Machines & Industries, Ltd. (MMI); the company is today the leading provider for single cell selection and tissue isolation equipment for research in the field of drug discovery, stem cell research, cancer research, and pathology. Meanwhile, the company supports with its technology scientists in nearly 1000 labratories worldwide.