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Department of Chemistry

Jason Holland receives Grant by Schweizer Krebsliga

Jason Holland's project "Harnessing androgen receptor signalling for imaging protein degradation therapy in prostate cancer', was one of 16 basic science applications to receive approval by the Schweizer Krebsliga. 


The project aims to develop radioactive imaging agents to measure changes in cellular signalling in prostate cancer. Work will begin in 2018 with a PhD student synthesising new radiotracers for positron emission tomography (PET) imaging of biomarkers associated with androgen receptor signalling. Cellular studies and PET imaging in animal models of human prostate cancer will be used to evaluate the effects of a new class of drugs that target and induce catalytic degradation of key proteins that regulate DNA transcription. By monitoring the downstream effects of drug action in vitro and in vivo, the goal is to define more accurate dose-response profiles that will allow us to optimise drug efficacy and reduce side-effects for individual patients.