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Department of Chemistry

Two new SNSF-Professorships at the DoC: Sandra Luber and Michal Juricek


Dr. Sandra Luber, senior researcher in the group of Prof. Jürg Hutter, was just awarded with an SNSF-Professorship. The topic of her research is "In Silico Investigation and Design of Bio-inspired Catalysts for Water Splitting". Her SNSF-professorship at UZH will start at March 1st 2017.

Dr. Michal Juricek, currently independent researcher and SNSF ambizione fellow at the University of Basel was awarded with an SNSF-professorship. Only last November Michal Juricek was awarded with an ERC starting grant for his study in the field of how to manipulate the spin coupling between unpaired electrons in materials assembled from molecules, in order to control the bulk magnetic and conducting properties. Michal Juricek will start his SNSF-professorship at UZH at April 1st 2017.

We congratulate both researchers and wish them a good start in their new positions.