Sample with label

Sample Submission

1. Registration for members of the UZH

There are two prerequisites for submitting samples in electronic form:

  • FileMaker Pro (version 14 or higher) must be installed on your computer.
  • You must be be registered in the database. If you are not registered, fill the form  Client Registration  (PDF, 113 KB) and come over in the MS lab (12E70).

2. Account and login configuration (a preliminary registration is mandatory)

FileMaker Software is used as interface for sample submission  

  1. Start program FileMaker Pro
  2. Select File --> Remote open
  3. Press the '+' button on the bottom left corner of the window
  4. Enter the '' address
  5. Select the 'Analytical_Lab_samples' folder


  6. Press 'Create account'
  7. Enter your email address. As a registered client use the email address you have received the newsletter mentioning the start-up of the new database. Come over in the MS lab if you forgot your deposited email address.
  8. You will be automatically asked for a new password
  9. Login with your new password

3. Sample submission

  1. Start your program FileMaker Pro and login on 'Analytical_Lab_samples'


  2. Press the 'New entry' button
  3. Fill the required information including chemical form (with format Cc.Hh.Oo.Nn.Xx), structure, and solubility (blue means mandatory!)
  4. Click on the ‘+’ button in the field Analysis Request
  5. Choose the desired ionization method (MS), ICP-MS (desired elements have to be mentioned in the comment window), or elemental analysis (CHN or CHNS)

  6. Press the ‘Send’ button
  7. Bring your sample (Lab Nr 12E70 for MS and ICP-MS; Lab Nr 12E55 for elemental analysis)
  8. The data will be sent in electronic form (usually as pdf) immediately after being analysed and processed

4. Guidelines for Sample Submission

The guidelines for sample submission can be found on the FileMaker sample submission window:



5. Sample Submission external clients

External clients submit their order analyses by filling in the following form:

Analysis Order pdf (PDF, 88 KB)

Analysis Order doc (DOC, 68 KB)