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Department of Chemistry

Fees for Crystallographic Services for External Academic Clients

All charges are in Swiss Francs (CHF), exclude VAT/MWSt and are subject to change without notice.

Advice on crystal growth / visual inspection of samples / crystal mounting   no charge
Diffractometer time:    
  • Initial determination of approximate unit cell parameters only
  • Full data collection, including accurate unit cell parameters, data reduction and application of absorption corrections, if required.
Liquid nitrogen usage   40.- per data collection
Structure solution & refinement:    
  • Includes full refinement of structure to publication quality standards where possible, preparation of a structure report with experimental details, tables of atomic coordinates, bond lengths, bond angles and torsion angles, and a publication quality diagram of the molecule. Also included is a comprehensive analysis of structural features (hydrogen bonding, unusual geometrical features, intermolecular interactions, etc.) and, where possible, an absolute configuration determination.
  15.- per non-hydrogen atom in the structural model
Additional services:    
  • Specialised illustrations
  18.- per diagram
  • Publication of results
  see below
  • Consultancy
  by arrangement
No charges for unsuccessful analyses    

Conditions and publication of results

Only high-quality crystals will be accepted. Unsuitable samples will be returned. Internal work from our department takes prioity over samples from external clients.

It is expected that the results from successful structure determinations for academic clients will be published reasonably promptly.

If only the intensity data were collected by our service and the refinement was undertaken by the client or independent colleagues, the subsequent publication should include the following entry in the Acknowledgements section of the paper.

"The crystallographic data set(s) for the structures reported in this paper were collected by Prof. Bernhard Spingler, Department of Chemistry, University of Zurich."

If we have carried out the full analysis, then the crystallographer(s) from our laboratory involved with the structure determination must be co-authors. The client should take responsibility for writing the bulk of the manuscript and submitting the paper to a suitable journal. We must be sent a copy of the manuscript for approval before it is submitted to any journal.

Ideally, the results should be published together with the synthesis and chemistry and specifying in a footnote which authors were responsible for the X-ray structure determination(s). We will provide the client with the necessary experimental and supplementary details for direct inclusion in the manuscript and arrange for the deposition of the crystallographic data in the Cambridge Structural Database where required.