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Department of Chemistry PostDocDay 2016

Post-Doc-Day 2.0 October 20 - Schloss Au, Switzerland Venue

Schloss Au

The Post-Doc-Day 2016 will be held at Schloss Au, Wädenswil. The castle is a conference center for education, culture and meetings on a idyllic penisula, directly at lake Zurich. For more information please visit Schloss Au.


Travel to Schloss Au

The train S8 goes every 30 minutes from Zurich/Oerlikon or Pfäffikon/SZ to Au. A short walk of approximately 10 minutes leads you to the conference center. During the summer months also ships stop at the ship-station penisula Au. For more information please visit Location.

Tagungszentrum Schloss Au
Hinter Au 1
8804 Au/ZH

IMPORTANT: There is no parking at Schloss Au directly. Cars can be parked at the train station Au ZH.

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University of Zurich

Post-Doc-Day 2016 Org Team

Winterthurerstrasse 190

8057 Zurich



Phone: +41 44 635 65 96

Fax: +41 44 635 68 02



Schloss Au - Map