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Department of Chemistry


Module Exams

In the Regulations Governing Bachelor's and Master's Studies and in the electronic handbook of courses it is defined in which period the exam of each module takes place. With the booking of the module the student is automatically enrolled for the corresponding exam. 
For each module there is one date for the exam and second date for exam repetition (if needed). The dates of the exams are published on the MNF-Site.  

The timetables of the exams for Chemistry and Business chemistry can be found here:

Tables of Exams: Exams Fall Semester

Tables of Exams: Exams Spring Semester

Table of Exams: Exam Repetitions Fall/Spring Semester

Prevented participation in the examination

Cancellation after the specified date is only possible for proven, compelling reasons. The relevant documents (medical certificate etc.) must be entered in the student portal no later than 5 days after the examination date. Otherwise, the missed examinations will be counted as failed.

By taking an examination, you confirm that you are sufficiently healthy and feel able to take the examination. Subsequent notification of illness after taking an examination will not be accepted. The faculty reserves the right to conduct a medical examination.

Exam Results

The results of the exams can be seen in the student's own account under the summary of credit as soon as they are approved.

Possibility of Repetition

Exams which were not passed can be repeated once for each module in the following exam repetition period. An application for the repetition date is needed. If the exam is not repeated in the following exam period, the whole module has to be repeated.  A second repetition of a compulsory module is possible only once during the bachelor study and a written request for that has to be addressed to the Study Dean's Office.

Other course accreditation

For other proof of academic achievements, apart from module exams, the person in charge of the module is responsible. These persons define the modalities and requirements of the achievements, which will also be published in the course handbook (VVZ).

Information on examinations

The Office of the Dean of Studies provides information on general questions relating to examinations and the recognition of academic achievements. For subject-specific questions, please contact the academic advisors of the respective subject.