Bachelor / Master Degree

Bachelor Degree

When  your online summary of credits shows that you have fulfilled all required tasks for the bachelor degree you can ask for the degree with the official form (link) at the Study Dean's Office.

Master Degree

Registration for the Master Thesis: At the beginning of the master project work/ thesis you have to register with the corresponding form (link) at the study coordinator.

Master Exam:  After  finishing the master thesis you arrange with your thesis supervisor a date for the master presentation and the master exam. For the master exam a second examiner has to be chosen; this person has to be an official group leader in the Department of Chemistry, who was not involved in the master thesis.

Application for the Degree: After having passed the master exam and fulfilled all other tasks required for the master degree, you have to submit the following documents for  the award of the Master Degree to the study coordinator:

  • The registration form for the master thesis duely completed with the mark and signed by the supervisor (link)
  • A copy of the first page of your master thesis
  • The completed and signed application for the master degree (link)

Application for Award of the Bachelor / Master Degree

According to the study regulations it is not allowed to apply for the bachelor and master degree in the same semester.  For the award of  the master degree, the students have to be enrolled at least one semester as a master student.

Please apply for the bachelor degree as soon as you have completed all requested tasks, so that you can be enrolled as master student at least for one semester.