Sample Submission

1. Registration for meAnchormbers of the UZH chemistry department

For UZH clients, "Sample Submission Forms" have to be submitted in electronic form. There are two requisites for this:

  • FileMaker Pro (actual version 11 mac or win) must be installed on your computer.
  • You must be be a registered client of the MS-service (official university email-address is prefered).

2. Electronic sample submission form

FileMaker Software is used as interface for sample submission  

  1. Start program FileMaker Pro
  2. Select File --> Remote open
  3. In Network file path, enter 'fmnet:/' (VPN has to be used outside the university domain!)
  4. Select the guest account
  5. Select New Order
  6. Select your email address from the list and fill in the required information. Blue-labelled fields are mandatory. Structures and analysis informationhave to be pasted in directly from ChemDraw or IsisDraw
  7. Select Send Order
  8. Bring your sample labeled with a sticker and put it in the fridge (Lab Nr 12E70)
Sample with label
Sample with label

3. Guidline for sample submission

  • Place sample (~ 0.2-1mg) in a small and labeled sample vial.  Purified compounds are preferred. Do not use a plastic vial other than a polypropylene vial (Eppendorf)
  • For EI/CI-MS analysis, the melting or boiling point must be given.
  • For ESI-and Maldi-MS analysis, the solubility of the sample has to be mentioned because it is crucial for successful analyses.
  • Samples in solution will only be measured by arrangement.
  • HPLC- and GC-MS experiments are possible but not routine. Please contact Thank you.

4. Sample Submission external clients

External clients submit their order analyses by filling in the following form:

Analysis Order pdf (PDF, 88 KB)

Analysis Order doc (DOC, 68 KB)

Mass spectra are automatically sent as pdf-files via email immediately after analysis and processing!