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Department of Chemistry Roger Alberto

Metals in Medicine and Artificial Photosynthesis


Our research is dedicated to the development of new medicinal inorganic compounds and radiopharmaceuticals. More recently we have started research aiming at light-energy conversion.

Our research fields are distinctly interdisciplinary. We investigate problems ranging from very fundamental coordination and organo-metallic chemistry with Tc, Re and other metals to applications in medicinal and radio-pharmaceutical chemistry. The ultimate goal is to label receptor targeting biomolecules such as e.g. peptides, amino acids or vitamins with appropriate high and low valent metal complexes. The objective of these radio-bioconjugates is to find new ways for diagnosis or therapy of cancer and other diseases. Our institute is instrumentally very well equipped. For more biological studies, we are connected in excellent international networks between countries all over the world.

More about our Research can be found here