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Department of Chemistry Nina Hartrampf

Publication List


  1. “Optical tools for visualizing and controlling human GLP-1 receptor activation with high spatiotemporal resolution”
    L. Duffet,‡ E. T. Williams,‡ A. Gresch, S. Chen, M. A Bhat, D. Benke, N. Hartrampf,* T. Patriarchi*
    (‡ = equal contributions)
    BioRxiv 2023,; submitted for publication.
  2. “A photocaged orexin-B for spatiotemporally precise control of orexin signaling”
    L. Duffet,‡ P. V. Tatarskiy,‡ M. Harada,‡ E. T. Williams, N. Hartrampf,* T. Patriarchi*
    (‡ = equal contributions)
    Cell Chem. Bio 2022, 29, 1729.
  3. “Flow-Based Methods in Chemical Peptide and Protein Synthesis”
    K. Schiefelbein, N. Hartrampf*
    CHIMIA 2021, 75, 480.
  4. “Flow-based SPPS for protein synthesis: A perspective”
    Z. P. Gates,* N. Hartrampf*
    Pept. Sci. 2020, e24198.

Postdoctoral, Graduate, and Undergraduate Research

  1. "Structural Diversity of Photoswitchable Sphingolipids for Optodynamic Control of Lipid Raft Microdomain"
    N. Hartrampf,‡ S. M. Leitao,‡ N. Winter, H. Toombs-Ruane, J. A. Frank, P. Schwille, D. Trauner, H. G. Franquelim
    (‡ = authors contributed equally)
    Biophys. J. 2023, accepted for publication.
    Preprint on BioRxiv:
  2. “Rapid Single-Shot Synthesis of the 217 Amino Acid-Long N-Terminal Domain of Pyocin S2”
    A. Saebi,‡ J. S. Brown,‡ V. M., Marando, N. Hartrampf, N. M. Chumbler, S. Hanna, M. Poskus; A. Loas, L. L. Kiessling, D. T. Hung, B. L. Pentelute*
    (‡ = authors contributed equally)
    ACS Chem. Biol. 2023, accepted for publication.
    Preprint on BioRxiv (2022):
  3. A Tumor-Homing Peptide Platform enhances Drug Solubility, Improves Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability and Targets Glioblastoma”
    C.-F. Cho,* C. E. Farquhar, C. M. Fadzen, B. Scott, P. Zhuang, N. v. Spreckelsen, A. Loas, N. Hartrampf, B. L. Pentelute, S. E. Lawler
    Cancers 2022, 14, 2207.
  4. “Automated Flow Synthesis of Peptide-PNA Conjugates”
    C. Li, A. J. Callahan, K.-S. Phadke, B. Bellaire, C. E. Farquhar, G. Zhang, C. K. Schissel, A. J. Mijalis, N. Hartrampf, A. Loas, D. E. Verhoeven, B. Pentelute*
    ACS Cent. Sci 2022, 8, 2, 205.
  5. "Fully Automated Fast-Flow Synthesis of Antisense Phosphorodiamidate Morpholino Oligomers"
    C. Li, A. J. Callahan, M. D. Simon, K. A. Totaro, A. J. Mijalis, N. Hartrampf, C. K. Schissel, M. Zhou, H. Zong, Gunnar J. Hanson, A. Loas, N. L. B. Pohl, B. L. Pentelute
    ( = authors contributed equally)
    Nat. Commun. 2021, 12, 4396
  6. Targeting glioblastoma using a novel peptide specific to a deglycosylated isoform of brevican
    N. v. Spreckelsen, C. M. Fadzen, N. Hartrampf, Y. Ghotmi, J. M. Wolfe, S. Dubey, B. Y. Yang, M. F. Kijewski, S. Wang, C. Farquhar, S. Bergmann, M. Zdioruk, J. R. Wasserburg, B. Scott, E. Murrell, F. C. Bononi, L. G. Luyt, M. DiCarli, M. L. M. Lamfers, K. L. Ligon, E. A. Chiocca, M. S. Viapiano, B. L. Pentelute, S. E. Lawler, C.-F. Cho
    Adv. Ther. 2021, 4, 2000244
  7. Identification of N-terminally diversified GLP-1R agonists using saturation mutagenesis and chemical design
    C. K. Longwell, S. Hanna, N. Hartrampf, R. A. Parra Sperberg, P.-S. Huang, B. L. Pentelute, J. R. Cochran
    ACS Chem. Biol. 2021, 16, 1, 58–66
  8. Deep Learning for Prediction and Optimization of Fast-Flow Peptide Synthesis
    S. Mohapatra, N. Hartampf, M. Poskus, R. Gomez-Bombarelli, B. L. Pentelute
    ( = authors contributed equally)
    ACS Cent. Sci. 2020, 6, 2277–2286
  9. Ultra-large chemical libraries for the discoveryof high-affinity peptide binders
    A. J. Quartararo, Z. P. Gates, B. A. Somsen, N. Hartrampf, X. Ye, A. Shimada, Y. Kajihara, C. Ottmann, B. L. Pentelute
    Nat. Commun. 2020, 11, 3183
  10. Synthesis of Proteins by Automated Flow Chemistry
    N. Hartrampf, A. Saebi, M. Poskus, Z. P. Gates, A. J. Callahan, A. E. Cowfer, S. Hanna, S. Antilla, C. K. Schissel, A. J. Quartararo, X. Ye, A. J. Mijalis, M. D. Simon, A. Loas, S. Liu, C. Jessen, T. E. Nielsen, B. L. Pentelute ( = authors contributed equally)
    Science , 2020, 368, 980-987 
    This work was highlighted by others in:
    • Science Perspective: C. Proulx, Science 2020, 368, 941
    • Synfacts: D. Trauner, B. S. Matsuura, Synfacts2020 , 16, 1129 (selected as “Synfact of the month”)
    MIT News, Chemistry World, CE&N and others.
  11. “Immune-Modulating Photochromic Galactosyl Ceramides allow for Optical Control of Cytokine Production”
    N. Hartrampf, T, Seki, A. Baumann, P. Watson, N. A. Veprek, B. Hetzler, A. Hoffmann-Röder, M. Tsuji, D. Trauner
    Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 4476-4479
  12. Total Synthesis of the Norhasubanan Alkaloid Stephadiamine
    N. Hartrampf, N. Winter, G. Pupo, B. Stoltz, D. Trauner
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140, 8675–8680.
    Highlighted in Synfacts: E. M. Carreira, F. Pultar, Synfacts 2018, 14, 0898 
  13. Light control of L-type Ca2+ channels using a diltiazem photoswitch
    T. Fehrentz, F. M. E. Huber, N. Hartrampf, T. Bruegmann, J. A. Frank, N. H.F. Fine, D. Malan, J. G. Danzl, D. B. Tikhonov, M. Sumser, P. Sasse, D. J. Hodson, B. S. Zhorov, N. Klöcker, D. Trauner
    Nat. Chem. Biol. 2018, 14, 764–767. 
  14. "Synthetic Approaches towards Alkaloids Bearing α-Tertiary Amines"
    A. Hager, N. Vrielink, D. Hager, J. Lefranc, D. Trauner ( = authors contributed equally)
    Nat. Prod. Rep. 2016, 33, 491–522. 
  15. "Targeting a Dynamic Protein–Protein Interaction: Fragment Screening against the Malaria Myosin A Motor Complex"
    C. H. Douse, N. Vrielink, Z. Wenlin, E. Cota, E. W. Tate
    ChemMedChem, 2015, 10, 134-143.