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Department of Chemistry Jürg Hutter

Associated publications


  • Quantum HF/DFT-Embedding Algorithms for Electronic Structure Calculations: Scaling up to Complex Molecular Systems​​​​​​, Rossmannek, M.; Barkoutsos, P. K.; Ollitrault, P. J.; Tavernelli, I.; J. Chem. Phys. 154, 114105 (2021). online link


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  • DBCSR: A Library for Dense Matrix Multiplications on Distributed GPU-Accelerated Systems, Sivkov, I., Lazzaro, A., Hutter, J., On-line link
  • DBCSR: A Blocked Sparse Tensor Algebra Library, Sivkov, I., Seewald, P., Lazzaro, A., Hutter, J.,On-line link 
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  • Chemoinformatics for Prediction and Design, Satoh, H., Chemical Industry, 874-879 (2019).


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