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Supported by Summer Schools in Europe.EU

Applications closed January 15, 2024.

About the School

The School teaches small-molecule single-crystal X-ray structure determination. It is ideal for young researchers in the molecular and solid state sciences for whom a knowledge of crystal structure analysis would be particularly helpful in their current research. More...

Learn the basics

Participants gain hands-on experience in the science and art of routine crystal and molecular structure determination of small molecules through lectures, computer exercises and practical work. More...

Determine the structure
of your own crystal

Participants will collect data and determine the structure of one of their own compounds that they are currently interested in. More...

5 Diffractometers
All of the necessary software

Participants will use the X-ray diffractometers at the University and at the ETH Zürich. Each participant will be provided with all of the necessary software for solving, refining and analysing the structures on their own laptop. More...

20 Participants
10 Tutors

Participants receive unique personal attention: there is one dedicated tutor for every two participants. More...

Enjoy an intense academic and
congenial atmosphere

Make new friends. Stay in the comforatable Coronado Hotel. Breakfasts and most evening meals are included, plus a mixer and banquet. More...

Earn 3 ECTS credit points

The University of Zürich offers 3 ECTS points to students who sucessfully complete the School. All participants will receive a certificate. More...

Application form, fees & bursaries

Details of the course fees and availability of bursaries, the admission procedure, the application form, and submission of your own crystals can be found here.

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