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Department of Chemistry Sigel Lab

Maria Reichenbach

Maria Reichenbach

+41 44 63 54679
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Curriculum Vitae


08/2020 - today

PhD candidate “Investigation of the characteristics and specificity of the molybdenum cofactor riboswitch”
in Prof. Sigel Group, Department of Chemistry, University of Zürich

08/2017 - 07/2020  

Master in Chemistry (ETH)

Master project: De Novo Discovery of Macrocyclic Peptides as Protein Inhibitors for CD22; Prof. Suga Group, The University of Tokyo

2.Semesterproject: Development of protein cages for therapeutic and imaging applications; Prof. Hilvert Group, ETH Zürich

1.Semesterproject: Synthesis of KAT derivatives and hydroxylamines and their incorporation into polymers as precursors for vitrimers; Prof. Bode Group, ETH Zürich

 09/2013 - 08/2018

Bachelor in Chemistry (ETH)


Further Education:

Sep. 2022

Leadership Skills (BSP)

Jun. 2021

Management Skills (BSP)


Professional Experience:

2016 and 2015

Internship at Metrohm

Division of Column Development: Polymerisation as well as sulphonation and amination of Polymers

And Division of System Engineering: Autonomous testing of pilot-run series




Supervision of a Masterthesis

07/2022- 08/2022

Supervision of an Undergraduate

2022 and 2021

Teaching Assistant for yearly RNA workshop (UZH)


Teaching Assistant in inorganic chemistry for chemistry students (UZH)

2021 and 2020

Teaching Assistant in general chemistry for biomedicine students (UZH)


Teaching Assistant in general chemistry for machine engineering students (ETH)


Talks and Poster Presentations:

Jan. 2023

CMSZH Retreat (Talk)

Okt. 2022

MoTec Conference (Poster & Talk)

Jun. 2022

EuroBic (Poster)

Jan. 2022

Swiss RNA Workshop (Poster)

Sep. 2021

MoTec Conference (Poster)



Grants and Awards:

09/2021 – 04/2022

CanDoc Grant UZH

Okt. 2022

Poster Award at the Motec Conference “Investigating the structural features of the Moco RNA Motif”

Jan. 2023

Best Oral Presentation, CMSZH Retreat Charmey “ Finding the right Molybdenum Cofactor”


List of Publications:

Metabolite Regulation by Riboswitches: The Role of Metal Ions in Folding, Ligand Binding and Functionality
Authors: Reichenbach, María; Gallo, Sofia; Sigel, Roland K. O.
Bookchapter in MILS 2023, in press

Cell-specific Delivery Using an Engineered Protein Nanocage
Authors: Levasseur, Mikail; Mantri, Shiksha; Hayashi, Takahiro; Reichenbach, María; Hehn, Svenja; Waeckerle-Men, Ying; Johansen, Pål; Hilvert Donald
ACS Chem Biol. 2021 May 21;16(5):838-843.

The structural features of the ligand-free moaA riboswitch and its ion-dependent folding
Authors: Amadei, Fabio; Reichenbach, María; Gallo, Sofia; Sigel, Roland K.O.
JIB 2023, 242: 112153

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