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Department of Chemistry Sigel Lab

Open Positions

Open Positions

Are you fascinated by the world of RNA? Do you find the interaction of structure and function exciting, and do you enjoy working in an interdisciplinary environment? 
The Sigel group offers research projects for master and bachelor students regularly.
  • If you are interested in understanding of RNA dynamics by smFRET, please contact Dr. Susann Zelger-Paulus at
  • For chemical biology, like fluorescently labeling RNAs or chemical RNA footprinting assays, contact Dr. Sofia Gallo at
  • For RNA structure determination and the metal ion binding sites in RNAs, get in touch with Dr. Silke Johannsen at





Weiterführende Informationen



If you are interested in pursuing your BSc, MSc or PhD project in the Sigel-Lab or if you are thinking about a possible internship, please contact one of the subgroup leaders:


Dr. Sofia Gallo

Dr. Silke Johannsen

Dr. Susann Zelger-Paulus