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Department of Chemistry

Master's programme 4th/5th year of study

Master's programme

The Master's degree programme in Chemistry consists of 90 ECTS. The compulsory modules Master's thesis and Master's examination together comprise 55 ECTS. At least 14 ECTS must be acquired from the compulsory elective modules listed below.

An additional 10 ECTS must be chosen from the entire range of chemistry/biochemistry. And the remaining ECTS are elective modules that can be chosen from the entire range offered by UZH and ETH.

In addition, a minor of 30 ECTS can be chosen as an option. A total of 120 ECTS must then be earned for the Master's degree and the duration of study is increased by one semester.

Master's thesis (45 ECTS)

The Master's thesis is a scientific, mostly practical research work in the laboratory. It lasts 9 months and, in addition to the practical work, includes a written report and a presentation followed by a discussion. The Master's thesis module also includes attendance at the relevant Master's seminar. A faculty member, a titular professor or a private lecturer is responsible for the supervision and grading. The Master's thesis is assessed with a grade.

Master's examination (10 ECTS)

The prerequisite for the interdisciplinary Master's examination is the Master's thesis submitted. In this oral examination, students demonstrate their ability to grasp, explain and critically discuss scientific contexts.
The oral Master's examination lasts 60 minutes and is conducted by the supervisor of the Master's thesis as well as by a lecturer of the institute who is not involved in the Master's thesis.

MSc in Chemistry

The Master's degree "Master of Science in Chemistry" is awarded upon application to the Dean of Studies if the Master's examination and all required modules have been passed and a total of 90 ECTS have been obtained from the Master's programme. If an additional minor study programme is taken, 120 ECTS are required for the Master.

Modules in the Master's programme

The lectures and practicals of the Fall Semester (HS) are directly linked to the electronic handbook of courses.